Fall 2012, ABC Music & Me for 2 - 3 years

Time: Mondays @ 10:00 Taipei City
Age Range: Age 2 to 3 years
Class Structure: Monthly theme, 4 themes/semester
Class Length: 50 minutes
Class Size: Up to eight children in class accompanied by a parent or caregiver.
Tuition: NT500 per class, payable at the start of the semester (16 weeks)
Home Materials: NT450/month, NT1800/semester

Theme: Time For Lunch
This month we’ll talk about food, from milk and cookies to healthy vegetables. We will learn about vegetable names, read about “The Gingerbread Man,” and move like the Gingerbread Man to rhythms from drum sounds. At home you can extend learning and vocabulary by using the activities and Home CD to dance like a carrot-loving donkey, sizzle like a sausage, and flip pancakes.
Home Kit: Home CD and magazine-style Family Guide (includes the class story The Gingerbread Man)

Theme: Rhyme Around Town
You and your child will enjoy using your imaginations (and rhyming-words awareness) to hit the town—down the street to the bake shop, the cobbler’s shop, the grocery store, and even the doctor's office. Then home again to relax and get ready for bed. At home with your Family Guide magazine, you will explore the town pretending to be cats, dogs, ducks, and more as you develop your child's language and motor skills.
Home Kit: Home CD and magazine-style Family Guide (includes the class story I Am Tippity Too)

Theme: Colors and Shapes on the Farm
In this unit, we will take a trip to the farm and encounter colors as shapes as we explore haystacks and hayrides, barns, and lots (and lots) of animals. A musical storytime with Jenny Jenkins will wrap it all together as the farm animals suggest their favorite colors for Jenny to wear.
Home Kit: Box shakers, Home CD and magazine-style Family Guide (includes the class story Jenny Jenkins)

Theme: Marvelous Me
This month we'll cover pattern games and body awareness from head to toe. In class we'll listen for patterns and repeated phrases in the music, which develops your child’s early math skills and self-esteem. When you play the same pattern seeking games at home that we played in class, your toddler's confidence and skill building will grow.
Home Kit: Clacker instrument, Home CD and magazine-style Family Guide (includes the class story Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes)

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